New Character Options

Knowledge (Astronomy): This skill will be useful in this campaign for analyzing and predicting the interactions of different planes with the material plane.

A DC 15 Check will tell the player which planes (if any) are coterminous with the material plane. See Interactions of the Planes for more information.

A check higher than 15 might reveal more information, at the GM’s discretion.

Speak Language: A new language, Classical, is available. Classical is the older form of common, like old English is to the modern English language. Older human writing is often written in classical, and some scholars, clergy, and extraplanars still might speak classical.

Classical is similar enough to common that “decipher script” checks might allow PCs to read, understand, or even speak classical without the “speak language: classical” skill. Rather, “speak language: classical” represents fluency in the language of classical.

New Character Options

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