A New Adventure Begins!

Following the disastrous expedition to Karak Azgul and an incident with the tentacle monster, a new campaign has begun!

The campaign and campaign world is still being designed, so everything here is still in progress.

Major Features of this Campaign:

The party will be about 5 player characters.

The PCs start at 6th (effective) character level.

The PCs start on the material plane, a ruined world and a battleground for armies of outsiders.

The two main factions in this campaign will be evil outsiders and good outsiders. Humans or oOther extra-planar creatures/factions may ally with one side, change sides, or try to remain neutral.

The PCs will start play largely “non-aligned”, but may choose to or be forced to pick sides eventually.

There will be apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic elements (on the material plane).

There will be a lot of inter-planar travel and “plane-hopping” throughout the campaign.

There will be a crusading feel to the warfare.

There will be plenty of talking for those who are interested. There will be plenty of plot for those who are interested. There will be flat-out monster killing, for those who are interested.

Nick will be playing another binder, Chris will be playing a little person, Danny will be playing another healer, Pat will be playing another sneaky type, and Sam will be playing another sociopath.

Planar Conflict